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Just what is
   DragonQuest is a series of video role playing games by Enix.  The character and enemy designs are done by the one and only Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball and Cowa! fame. 
   DragonQuest is the number one game in Japan.  When the new title is released, people camp and wait outside of stores for blocks!  The first four DragonQuest games were translated and brought over to America, but they never caught on like they did in Japan.
   Dragon Quest was released in 1986 for the Famicom (the 8bit Nintendo).  You played the descendant of the hero Roto and set out on a quest to prove your heritage and defeat the Lord Dragon who was terrorizing the kingdom. 

Dragon Quest II was quickly released one year later in 1987.  You played yet another descendant of Roto and his two cousins.  The wizard Hargon started to attack the surrounding kingdoms and you're picked to defeat him.  The world is twice as large as DQ, there are more enemies, and the surrounding lands can be explored by ship. 

  DragonQuest III came out in 1989 and fans flipped out over it.  In this massive game, you play as Roto himself as he travels the world with his companions to find out what happened to his father.  In this installment, you got to chose what type of characters you wanted, travel day and night, and explore a world twice the size of DQII. 

DragonQuest IV was released in 1990 and started up the Heaven trilogy.  This game was broken up into five chapters and introduced AI instead of controlling your characters.  It features day and night and a more animated overworld.  A favorite of many players. 

DragonQuest V came out in 1992 and was the first DQ game for the Super Famicom (the Super NES here).  It was a continuation of the Heaven series and you could enlist the help of the monsters you run into.  This was the first DQ game where you could sic slimes on your foes! 

DragonQuest VI was released later in 1995.  Like DQ III, this game is a prequel to DQ IV.  The game features drastically improved graphics and a more interesting story.  The game is fairly popular and features a class change system similar to DQ III.  This game's a favorite of mine. 

Back in 1993, Enix decided to update the graphics on the first two DQ games and release it on the Super Famicom.  With improved graphics and gameplay, these classics were hits once again. 

On the tenth anniversary of Dragon Quest, Enix released a stunning update to DQ III.  It won best game of 1996 in Japan.  It featured the best graphics and music ever created on the Super Famicom, but it was never released in America.  My favorite DQ game! 

   DragonQuest VII is in development for the PlayStation with the same creative team.  Screen shots and character info has just been released.  Expect Enix to release this game around the same time as Final Fantasy VIII.  Information is avalible at RPGamer and PSM Online.
   Enix has also just released a game called Dragon Quest Monsters, using the characters from DQ VI.  It is the only Dragon Quest game for the Game Boy.
DragonQuest are trademark and copyright 1998, Enix of Japan, Jump Comics, and V-Jump magazine.  No stealing or toe stepping is intended.