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Special Thanks
   This page is my way of saying "Thank you!" to the people who have helped me out on getting information to make this page the best source on DQ manga and anime.  People who actually know about the DQ series are rare and these guys have helped me out in more ways then you could imagine!
Ian Kelley 
   No matter what dumb little question I had about the first DQ series, Ian Kelley always answered it and then some!  He gave me tons of info on both the first DQ series and Dai No Daiboken. 

The PHM1Webmaster 
   This guy gave me tons of information on Emblem of Roto.  I'm talking everything!  Character names, plot, and parts of the story!  I only had the art book for the series and nothing else so his info has greatly helped me on the Emblem of Roto page. 

Fabien Azam (In french and closed until Sept. 1st) 
This guy here game me a whole bunch of info on Dai no Daiboken.  Everything on the info page is from him!  Now the Dai no Daiboken page give people so much more information. 

If you think anyone else needs to be here, please write me and let me know!

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