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Emblem of Roto
Arus:  Arus is the main character in the series.  He is a descendant of Roto  A cousin to be exact.  The series follows his adventures from a childhood prince to an adult.  Along the way he meets many friends that join him on his quest.  He carries the bottom part of Roto's emblem. 
Jyagun:  Jyagun is a second prince that was born the same time as Arus.  He was given the wrong name at birth and becomes Arus' main nemesis for a long time.  He is a direct decendant of Roto.  Roto's armor rejected him so he stained it with his blood.  He has the top half of Roto's emblem. 
Lord Dragon:  Yup, the enemy in DQ1 is a main character.  He serves as another enemy for Arus. 
Baramos Zombie:  The Evil in the series brings Baramos from DQ3 back for awhile. 
Zoma:  The big guy from DQ3 makes an appearance too. 
The Orochi:  The Ruler/Monster from DQ3 returns to terrorize Jipang once again. 
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