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Emblem of Roto
Please keep in mind  that this page is not complete yet.  I'm still receiving parts of the story, so if parts seem very incomplete to you, please write me and feel free to send me the correct passage.
"The great demon Baramos had fallen, as so to the menace of the Demon King Zoma.  Tranquility and peace had finally returned to the world.  Then... lead by the spirit of the fairy Rubiss, two young brothers, icons of the bloodline of Roto, came forth from Alefgurd.  Their names were Loran and Carmen.  The took the Emblem of Roto (inherited from their father) divided into two parts and founded two kingdoms: 
The kingdom of Loran in the north. 
The kingdom of Carmen in the south. 
Both kingdoms prospered in peace, bringing hope and joy to the land.  Our story begins  one hundred years later..." 
From the back of Emblem of Roto Art Book II
   This series was carried by Monthly GANGAN and produced twenty one volumes.  The artwork was done by Kamui Fujiwara who had done character designs for a few games such as Enix's Tenchi Sozo.  
   In the kingdoms of Roto, when a prince was born, the prince must be named correctly.  The Loran's king became possessed by an evil being named Emaduzo and did not use the holy name and called their child Jyagun or sometimes translated Karun.  Because of this, the Emaduzo took advantage of it and killed everyone in the castle.  Karun is a direct descendant of Roto.  
   But the cousins of Roto used the correct name and named their child Arus, who's the main character of the story.  There is also a third prince called Asutea that did not arrive until the middle of the series.  All three have pieces of Roto's emblem. 
   That's all I got for now.  Sorry!  There'll be more next week.  Some other characters are slimes, drakees, ghosts, the Wizard that was with Roto, Rubiss, Lord Dragon, Zoma, and Baramos Zombie.
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